Amnesty International Australia is looking for an eclectic, arty group of activists to be part of ARTillery - the arts activism movement that sheds light on the dark side of humanity and inspires Australians to take action on human rights issues.

ARTillery is about young people really seeing, feeling and experiencing human rights issues through performance, music and visual art. ARTillery is about being inspired to make a difference in a way that is fun, creative and not intimidating.

ARTillery is forming groups of activists and artists around Australia to take action using art as their ARTillery to defend human rights.

These volunteer positions are now open in SYDNEY, PERTH, BRISBANE and ADELAIDE:

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To apply, tell us in 500 words why you will be awesome in that role, and email this along with your CV to by 7 June 2013.

Find out what ARTillery is all about and what we've done in the past:

ARTillery Festival MasterPEACE Exhibition from Luke Brooks on Vimeo.

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